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Visual & Process Coaching and Consulting

I provide business process mapping, strategic thinking and facilitation using creative approaches - including visual aids (graphic recording, visual agendas, visual meeting design support) as well as embodiment practices to help my clients with being able to clearly "see" pathways to their goals.  These practices are used to help my clients with envisioning and taking action on bringing their unique gifts and ideas into the world.  I work with leaders, teams and individuals.

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I help leaders and teams using a wide range of visual and process consulting services to help clarify organizational strengths, need and channels for moving ideas forward.  I specialize in the use of visual mapping to support my clients at any stage of a project, from initial inception to work process improvement to project retrospectives.  I emphasize the learning process and look for ways to support the inclusion of multiple perspectives in order for more robust creative thinking and solutioning to surface.  My approach is influenced by agile methodology, human-centered design and systems thinking.  I am a trauma-informed practitioner who understands the importance of presence and attending to relationship as a vital component of articulating a preferred and meaningful future, creating realistic and tangible steps towards that future and identifying patterns that may arise during the change process to impede progress, so that alternative pathways can be developed.

My work is highly customized to my clients needs and may include but is not limited to coaching, meeting facilitation, business process mapping, project management, retreat/meeting design and/or development of training curriculum.  

Services can be delivered on-site or virtually depending on client need and preference.  



During our session, we’ll map your ideas, possibilities and stuck points to help you with decision-making and direction.  We'll scan "below the water" to give shape and form to that which might be impeding your movement towards fulfilling your goals and dreams.  Clients can be from anywhere in the US and abroad.  Sessions can be done online or in-person.



In addition to using visual arts to unlock potential, I also teach people how to tap into the wisdom of their bodies.  I teach twice monthly group 5 Rhythms classes that are open to the public.  I also offer individual embodiment coaching sessions, which draw from my training in body regulation practices as a licensed clinical social worker, training in systems constellation work and the 5Rhythms practice.

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Heather Riley, MSW, MA, LICSW (LW60327782)

I am passionate about helping teams and individuals with unleashing their potential and tapping into creative ways to generate ideas, work together and meet goals.  I live for the "aha" moments that come when groups or individuals
"see" a way forward or are able to clearly identify a hidden block so that they can regain momentum forward.  

I draw from over 20 years of experience working as a licensed clinical social worker in child welfare, organizational development process consultant, data and business analyst and a certified 5 Rhythms (embodiment/movement meditation) teacher. 

I love to learn and am fascinated by systems theory, nature and movement.  The heart of my work has been about supporting transformation, from the inside out and mapping the change process at every level of system.

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Visual and Process Consulting


Individual Mapping Session


Visual and Embodiment Coaching

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Individual Mapping Session

"A Mapping Session with Heather was the conversation I didn't know I needed to have, and it helped me in a way that other modalities had not supported. Heather is incredibly skilled at navigating this process by utilizing thoughtful, guiding questions rooted in compassion. Her warmth and kindness overcome the barrier of talking over a screen, and she has the ability to create meaningful connection and trust in a short amount of time. In addition to the session, having the tangible takeaway of the map to refer back to is invaluable. Any time spent with Heather is worthwhile and is truly a gift for anyone looking for clarity and a path forward, personally or professionally."


Boise, Idaho


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